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uPVC Flush Sash Windows Wivenhoe

Heritage Aesthetic

Flush sash windows bring a classic sense of style to your Wivenhoe home. You’ll get windows that sit flush within the frame, giving them the authentic look of old wooden designs. But, instead of creaking and cracking, your new windows will keep their shape and their strength. And, with the latest technology inside, they’ll combine old and new seamlessly.


Deceuninck Flush Sash Windows Wivenhoe

Modern Design

At Discount Windows, we supply uPVC flush sash windows for homes in Wivenhoe. uPVC frames are far more durable than timber, meaning these windows can perform better for longer. You’ll get a fully weatherproof design that protects your home from wind and rain. Not only that, it won’t crack, warp or decay, meaning cold air won’t have a way into your home.

Wivenhoe uPVC Flush Sash Windows

Outstanding Profile

With Discount, you don’t have to feel like you’re getting cheap windows. It’s because we have flush sash windows with Deceuninck’s innovative uPVC profiles. Deceuninck’s designs are best in class in a range of departments, including their efficiency and security. Because of this, your new designs could save you money inside your home for decades to come!

Wonderful Flush Sash Windows in Wivenhoe

Discount Windows offer fantastic flush sash windows for homes in Wivenhoe. At Discount, we work with Deceuninck, meaning we can offer their stunning designs. Unlike old sash windows, which usually have wooden frames, we use uPVC profiles in the windows we offer.

As a result, you’ll get a window that is fully weatherproof and can last longer than timber designs ever could. Flush sash windows take their name because of their design. Your window will sit flush within the frame, creating a sleek and elegant design. Windows like these have no protruding elements, meaning better views of your garden and more natural light entering your home.

However, the shape of flush sash windows can also make your Wivenhoe home warmer and safer. With smaller gaps between the glazing and frames, there’ll be almost no room for cold air to get into your home. Additionally, these windows are harder to prise open, making your living space more secure. Because of this, you can enhance your home in several ways with Discount’s flush sash windows!


High Security

At Discount, we offer windows that can give you peace of mind inside your Wivenhoe home. Our sash windows have robust uPVC profiles, durable double glazing, and the latest security hardware to keep intruders out. You'll benefit from multi-point locking mechanisms, resilient hinges and durable handles, which will work to keep you safe for decades.


Thermal Efficiency

Our flush sash windows are thermally efficient designs for your Wivenhoe home. Because they have smaller gaps, less cold air can get around your windows and into your home. And, if they try to pass through, advanced double glazing will block more of it and capture more of your home's natural heat. As a result, you can save on your energy bills for good.



With Deceuninck's dense uPVC profiles, our flush sash windows can do more than insulate your home from the heat. You can also block sound from outside, meaning that you can enjoy your living space more peacefully. Commotion, animals and traffic won't distract you, meaning our flush sash windows could help you work and sleep more easily..

Perfect for Conservation

Flush sash windows are a timeless design for your Wivenhoe home. Our windows have elegant shapes, clean lines and the option of period-accurate hardware and authentic woodgrain finishes. But, with Deceuninck’s classic uPVC profiles, you can install these sash windows in any home – even if you live in a conservation area.

Our flush sash windows are ideal for homes in these areas, allowing you to enhance your home without sacrificing its style. Deceuninck’s sleek profiles blend seamlessly with classic homes, and you can customise the designs for an even better fit. With their classy external contours, our windows mimic traditional timber joinery. Speak to your planning advisors today about our flush sash windows!

A Beautiful Choice of Colours and Styles

When you choose uPVC flush sash windows for your Wivenhoe home with Discount, you’ll get the chance to personalise your design. Because of this, you can take full control of your new windows. You can change the colours, finishes, handles, and even the glazing to style your windows around your needs.
We’ll provide a made-to-measure fit for any design you can create! Not only that, Discount can guarantee you’ll get flush sash windows of the highest quality. Even if you get a window that doesn’t meet yours and our high standards, we provide a 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee. Because of this, you can invest in your home with confidence with Discount’s designs!
English Oak
Irish Oak
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Deceuninck Heritage Window Collection Brochure

Flush Sash Windows Video

Flush Sash Windows Prices Wivenhoe

Why not use Discount’s online quoting engine today to find low prices for uPVC flush sash windows in Wivenhoe? You can design a bespoke window in minutes using our interactive tool, and we’ll offer a free quote tailored to any design instantly!

Alternatively, you can get in touch with Discount today to ask us more about our flush sash windows. Send us a message via our online contact form to speak to our friendly team!

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