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Easy to Use

When it comes to using home improvement solutions, a common hassle many homeowners in Harwich have to deal with are brand products that are incredibly difficult to handle. This can often be due to poor design or unclear ergonomics. Here at Discount, we offer our patio doors, a home improvement solution that offers intuitive and easy to use design. Based on its namesake function, homeowners only need to slide open their brand new door to experience all the brilliant benefits readily available for your Harwich property. Designed to slide with ease on an in-line slider, push and pull without a second thought. Enjoy a product that requires minimal input from you but offers maximal output.

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Let the Light In

Because our patio doors are primarily comprised of glazed units, homeowners in Harwich can benefit from illuminated interiors, thanks to the sunlight brightening up their properties. Breathe new life into your home as the natural light shines, offering costless illumination, allowing you to enjoy the very best the natural elements has to offer, without having to switch on any electrical lights. Our patio doors are the perfect home improvement solution for homeowners who are environmentally conscious for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint. Become less reliant on electrical lights as you bask in the sun’s glow. Reduce your electric bill as you help save the planet.

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Perfect for Families

Our patio doors are an incredible addition to any Harwich property for homeowners with little ones or playful pets. Enjoy expanded space that allows for a seamless transition between your interior and exterior. Accommodate for children and pets running around with the extra freedom provided by our patio doors. Thanks to the transparency of our glazed units, watchful parents and pet owners alike can keep an eye on their little ones, ensuring that they are always safe and can quickly intervene. Keep your loved ones safe with Discount.

Seamless Transition between your Home and the Outdoors

Breathe life into your Harwich property with our incredible patio doors. Allow for a seamless transition between your home and your back garden, patio or porch. Offer a totally uninterrupted pathway as you travel between your kitchen, living room or dining room to the great outdoors in seconds.

Expand your space with our patio doors, allowing for incredible sightlines. Enjoy panoramic views of your own great outdoors from the comfort of your Harwich property.


Secure Design

Thanks to the incredibly durable uPVC frame utilised by our patio doors, homeowners can benefit from enhanced home security due to the unsurpassed resiliency provided by our secure home improvement solutions. Combined with the additional protection added by our glazing panes and multi-point locking systems, you can ensure that your home remains reliably safe and secure against any threat.


Low Maintenance Profile

An intrusive aspect of many home improvement solutions is often having homeowners provide continuous upkeep, often becoming a time-consuming chore that can accrue additional costs. Our patio doors, however, are renowned for especially low maintenance! Enjoy a product that will continue to perform without fear of having to deal with bowing, rotting or cracking, as it sports a significant lifespan.


Keep the Elements Out

Our patio doors have been expertly designed to provide uncompromisable protection against the very worst the British weather has to offer. Prevent structural damage against your Harwich property as our patio doors halts cold draughts and dampness out. Ensure your home remains dry and protected against the natural elements with Discount.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

We offer home improvement solutions that offer maximal performance to ensure that our valued customers can enjoy an increased quality of life at home without harming the planet. Reduce your carbon footprint with our patio doors as our thermally efficient designs prevents the need to switch on the central heating, reducing carbon emissions significantly, whilst reducing your energy bill.

Suiting Your Style

We offer the chance to completely customise your very own patio door for our valued customers, offering a bespoke product tailored directly to you. Choose from our wide range of colours and woodgrain finishes. Enjoy a bold home improvement solution that stands out or a more reserved door that offers the classic aesthetic of wooden doors without any of the classic disadvantages.

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Quality Guaranteed

Trust in Discount to provide the very best when it comes to patio doors. Enjoy a home improvement solution that offers unmatched style, security and performance. Enhance your Harwich property in every regard. One simple product that offers a multitude of transformative benefits.

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If you’d like to discuss our patio doors for your Harwich home, don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can call our team on 01255 220 858 or fill out our online contact form and a team member will be in touch.

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